Why eScience Labs?

ExperimentStudents need quality, safe and complete lab kits for conducting science experiments outside of a traditional school environment. Prior to eScience Labs, options were not only pricey, incomplete or dangerous, but the instructions were either simplistic or confusing.

Homeschooled students and virtual learners, as well as those enrolled in correspondence courses, now have a better choice of quality science labs to fulfill their educational requirements.

Our labs support any introductory-level science curricula with a comprehensive set of hands-on experiments. These are the same experiments you would find in a traditional academic lab, but designed and scaled to be done in your own home; they complement the lectures of a teacher or professor. Additional learning tools, including a series of video introductions, virtual labs, animations and demonstrations, are available to registered students. These virtual tools complement and enrich the hands-on materials and experiments within a kit.

Providing the best available hands-on labs takes a back seat only to safety. Some experiments require chemicals and other components that we feel are simply too dangerous to work with in an unsupervised environment. However, because some of these experiments are important to understand, we provide online video demonstrations to clearly and safely convey these concepts.

More Than an Experiment, an Experience