• Human Biology Lab Kit, eScience Labs
    eScience Labs Launches Human Biology Lab Kit

    Launched in Spring 2015, eScience Labs now offers a new Human Biology Lab Kit! Featuring a state of the art virtual model and 3D cell animations, this kit features 16 labs with over 40 unique experiments for hands-on learning. For more information, please contact an eScience Labs representative at info@esciencelabs.com.


  • Physics sample image.
    New 2015 Products: General Physics Lab Kit

    eScience Labs' now features a new, General Physics a hands-on laboratory solution for physics majors in online and hybrid courses. This kit relies heavily on the scientific method and inquiry-based learning, and is framed by calculus-based math equations. Contact info@esciencelabs.com for more information.

  • Science Labs Anytime, Anywhere

    eScience Labs' comprehensive hands-on products and curriculum provide a traditional lab experience to students that may not otherwise be able to attend an on-campus lab.

  • Your Online Science Lab Solution

    Engaging students and empowering educators with hands-on lab kits and digital curriculum for online and blended learning.

  • Geology

    eScience Labs provides hands on, interactive lab kits to geology students everywhere, supplemented with digital tools and activities to enage students and provide self assessment.

    Find out how our Geology kits can be used in your online or hybrid courses.

  • Lab Assessment

    Measure student success with our front end and back end assessment tools.


    eScience Labs hands on lab kits are supported by quality digital content that can easily be integrated into Learning Management Systems. 

    • Full digital lab manuals
    • Concept animations
    • Lab drills
    • Interactive 3D models
    • Videos

Do you need to meet specific course objectives? Let us put the pieces of your lab course together.
Email us at info@esciencelabs.com to tell us your needs and explore our custom kit solutions.




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2nd Edition Anatomy and Physiology certified by Quality Matters

eScience Labs’ 2nd Edition Anatomy and Physiology Lab earned certification from Quality Matters, a leader in quality assurance for online education. A QM team evaluated learning objectives, course content, hands-on experiments, and assessments and found they met the standards established in the Quality Matters Higher Education Publisher Rubric. These standards assist instructors and departments in selecting publisher courses based on their adherence to best practices and research-supported standards.