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You've chosen to complete your science requirements in a new and innovative way. You deserve the very best home lab kits available to introduce you to the wide world of science. Those kits are available exclusively through eScience Labs! We provide everything you need to engage in science safely, all while having a ton of fun!

You will find:

  • Easy to follow, user-friendly,
    thought provoking experiments
  • Real life examples
  • Supplementary online content
  • Online, email and telephone support
  • A comprehensive and user-friendly product
  • Safe, fun and complete kits

Providing the best available hands-on tools takes a back seat only to safety. Some experiments require chemicals and other components that we feel are simply too dangerous to work with in an unsupervised environment. However, the concepts behind some of these experiments are important to understand. For this reason, we provide online video demonstrations that clearly and safely teach the concepts.





Click here for a quick tutorial on how to use dialysis tubing...

*Note, your kit may or may not include dialysis tubing!