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Yes. We offer options for both 2-day and overnight shipments that will be an additional charge to your order during checkout. If you have already purchased your kit and have finished checking out, please call our Customer Service line and we can apply expedited shipping to your original order (this will only be available if the shipping label for your order has not yet been created).

No. Once you purchase your Redemption Code from the bookstore, there is still one more step. You will need to create an account/log in to our website ( and then enter your code at the “Have A Code?” area in the top right corner. You will then need to add the product to your cart and proceed with the rest of the checkout process. Once that has been completed, your order will begin processing for shipment from our warehouse directly to your home.

Any broken item that you notice once you receive your kit will be replaced at no cost to you. We package our kits safely and carefully, but shipping accidents do happen. If an item seems to be missing (and is on your packing list), please create an online case at or call us at 888-375-5487 and we’ll have the replacement item shipped out immediately.

All chemicals should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Also, if you have pets or children, please keep the chemicals (and other lab materials) away from their reach. Follow all posted storage requirements on the chemicals and refer to the Safety Data Sheets ( for storage requirements on a specific chemical.

We recommend you keep your dissection specimens in a cool and dark place (away from direct sunlight). This can be a closet, cabinet or anywhere else that does not get warmer than room temperature. Also keep them out of reach of children and pets. They DO NOT need to be refrigerated!

Any unused kit ordered directly from the eScience Lab’s website is eligible for return and refund* within 30 days from when your order ships. Students must call and obtain a Return Authorization Merchandise form** to be filled out and included in the kit being returned. *Be advised, there is a 20% restocking fee applied to the refund of your kit cost, and eScience Labs is not responsible for return shipping. **Kits returned without prior approval are not eligible for a refund.

You will need to contact your bookstore and abide by their return policy. If they will refund your account/money, then you will need to contact eScience Labs and obtain a Return Authorization Merchandise Form and then ship the kit back to our warehouse. Once we receive and process the return (may take up to 2 weeks), we will notify the bookstore so they can work on the refund.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a refund in this case. We suggest donating the kit contents to a local school that could use the extra materials. Or, if you would like, feel free to work on the labs at your own pace! *Any kit that is returned without authorization from eScience Labs or your bookstore will not be eligible for a refund! Please make sure you arrange for the return before doing so, or you will have to pay to have the kit shipped back out to you.

eScience Labs Supports Life-long Learning Opportunities. Education is a journey we all deserve to embark upon. This belief invigorates the eScience Labs team to create a positive, accessible learning experience for all of our constituents. From fundamental learning objectives, to the inventory we distribute, we advocate for equal opportunities to explore, engage, and enrich student lives through education. We hope that by consuming our content, students will be able to achieve higher levels of both personal and professional success. In order to do this, we have been mindful of the need to proactively accommodate, and continue to offer unique solutions for each and every student. Accessibility is one of eScience Labs’ strategies for accomplishment. Supporting this strategy is a set of tactical implementations which promote technical access for diverse needs. This involves the following: • Closed captioning or media scripts • Color by number scales • Alt tags containing descriptive text for images • Screen reader compatibility with popular programs such as JAWS • Augmented procedures for hands-on experiences. These features are offered for many of our media and text resources. Assuming that a student has purchased a lab kit or will be enrolled in a future course requiring a lab kit, eScience Labs is happy to provide additional support and services to meet unique needs. This may include a more global implementation of the above described policies, or new tactics. This may also occur on both an individual student level, or as an effort between an instructor, instructional designer, Dean, etc. and eScience Labs. Students or Instructors who have verified accommodation needs that are not currently being addressed are encouraged to contact their eScience Labs representative directly or email us at:

Yes. Although we will never supply answers, or work the labs for you, we have made ourselves available to help with lab issues you may run into. This can be anything that is in the eScience Labs’ manual or kit. We will not be able to answer questions from your course that do not relate to the lab component we have provided (like your lecture notes or tests and quizzes provided by your instructor).

Please refer to the syllabus provided by your instructor for your assignments. The directions for each lab assigned to you will be found either on our student portal or through your course website. Each lab starts with an introduction to reengage key topics covered by your instructor, tells you which materials you’ll need, asks for pre-lab questions, works you through the labs step-by-step, and gives you post-lab questions and exercises to complete.

Standard processing and shipping times take anywhere from 5-10 business days. This allows for a maximum of 5 business days for processing (most are processed in 1-2 business days), and an additional 3-5 business days shipping with UPS ground. Shipping times depend on where you live in relation to Sheridan, CO, where our offices and warehouse are located.

Yes, you will be emailed with tracking information when the kit leaves our warehouse.

Yes, we do ship internationally. An additional shipping fee will apply which varies depending on the ship to country. Please contact us by phone at 888-375-5487 after placing your order on the website to receive an international shipping quote.

We do ship to APO and FPO addresses, but the shipping time does differ from our standard terms. Kits to APO addresses are shipped via USPS Priority mail and should arrive between 5-10 business days, but can take up to 3-4 weeks. *We cannot track your kit once it is processed at the APO/DPO/FPO and therefore recommend you be proactive and inquire about the kit once you believe it has been received (around 5 business days after it leaves our warehouse). We also recommend to ship to an off base address, if possible, as we can track these shipments better through UPS. The delay in time getting you the kits is not a shipping error with UPS, but rather a snag in the sorting process on some bases.

For most orders, UPS is our preferred shipper. During the checkout process, you have the option to select UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, or UPS Next Day Air. The only exceptions to this will be students with PO Box addresses, students located in foreign countries and students at APO and FPO addresses. For these orders, we ship via USPS Priority Mail.

The directions for each lab assigned to you will be found either on our student portal or through your course website. To access the student portal, first log in to your account at Once logged in, select the Student tab and scroll down to select the link under Kit Resources. To access your course website, please follow the instructions provided to you from your instructor.

For most schools we work with, instructors will be using a Learning Management system or course website (Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, Desire 2 Learn, Canvas, etc.). Your instructor will have each lab available in interactive form, so that you can complete your lab work and submit it to them. If you are not on an LMS, or do not have a course website, please contact your instructor to see how he/she will require you to submit your lab work.

Please visit this link for a video demonstration on how to fold the test tube rack.

If you’re having trouble with anything, please create an online case at or call us at 888-375-5487. Our office is open M-F, 8:00 am-5:00 pm Eastern Time for live support. Support cases submitted on weekends and holidays will be responded to within 24 hours.